Being a saxophonist, I get to travel. And I love it. More and more people are travelling further and further than ever before, and are falling in love with places far and wide. Sometimes people fall in love with a place and it becomes so important to them, that they decide to get married there (or maybe they’re just avoiding the British weather). But how on earth do you get in touch with and communicate with musicians in a foreign language or know who’s good? That’s where I come in. It’s so easy nowadays to hop on a plane with a sax on your back, arrive half way around Europe, crash at a hotel overnight and make somebody’s wedding awesome!


From weddings in Italy, France, Greece and Barbados to corporate events in Portugal and Sweden and performances for club and venue events in The Maldives, Kenya, Kuala Lumpur and many more, I am used to travelling around the world to make your event special. Backed by a great team who seamlessly arrange my travel plans and accommodation, I can just turn up and put all of my energy into a performance for your event.